The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program is a five-year voluntary program designed to help families achieve economic self-sufficiency by providing services ranging from case management and referrals to supportive social services. Click here to learn about the FSS Program Action Plan.


-  Childcare
-  Job Preparation
-  Credit Counseling
-  Mentoring
-  Education
-  Money Management
-  Home Ownership
-  Transportation
-  Workshops
-  Vocational Training

To participate, a family must be a Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) Housing Choice Voucher or Public Housing participant.

Participation is voluntary. The only requirement is a desire to become self-sufficient.

Participation in the FSS Program requires the following:

- Complete an FSS Pre-Enrollment Application
- Develop your short- and long-term goals for a five-year term with the assistance of an FSS Coordinator
- Sign an FSS Contract of Participation
- Accept case management and referrals for you and your family as needed to help achieve short- and long-term goals
- Meet with your FSS Coordinator periodically to discuss progress and any additional supportive services needed
- Complete all of the family goals to be eligible to apply for graduation from the FSS Program

As families report wage increases, their rent is adjusted, and a portion of their rent increase is credited into an interest-bearing escrow savings account monthly.

FSS participants must successfully achieve all goals established in the FSS Contract of Participation and graduate from the Program in order to be eligible to receive escrow funds.

This unique savings opportunity is available only to FSS participants.

The FSS Program can refer families to first-time home ownership programs that provide the education necessary to increase home ownership options.  Many families have used their escrow savings as a down payment on their first home!

To graduate from the FSS Program, and receive any funds in the escrow account, the Head of Household must:

- Complete the contract goals within five years
- Achieve and maintain suitable employment
- Certify that no family member is on cash assistance for 12 consecutive months prior to completion of the Program
- Certify that all family members are in good standing with the LACDA

A family that has not met its responsibilities within the times specified in their FSS contract, or has been terminated from the FSS or HCV Program, will not receive any funds in the escrow account. 

Family Self-Sufficiency Program
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